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  • The gift of flowers does not end with beauty and fragrance,
    but continues with their profound ability
    to facilitate healing of the heart and soul ~

Flower Essences for Animals and People

The Flower Essences in the Animal Relief Formula

Formula created by Teresa Wagner, All essences are from FES

My beloved cat Olivia, healing angels, and sacred stones of larimar, rose quartz and Lemurian quartz help in the blessings of the Animal Rescue Formula.

Livvie blessing ARF
Releases cellular memory of trauma locked into the body
Bleeding Heart:
For feeling abandoned in a relationship; nourishes the heart and helps heal enormous pain of brokenheartedness when a relationship is lost.
Helps to restore the Soul's integrity, and to reclaim our core sense of Self and essential dignity when assaulted by shattering events such as exploitation, degradation, trauma or abuse.
Rejuvenation and hope where there has been loss, devastation and trauma
Five-Flower Formula:
Brings calmness & stability in emergencies and high stress situations
Cherry Plum:
Brings a sense of guidance and protection from a Higher Power, and strength and encouragement in times of extreme tension and fear
Helps us stay grounded, connected to the vital life force in our physical bodies, and present in the here and now
Brings patience and acceptance when difficult situations create irritation, impatience, intolerance & anger
Rock Rose:
Courage, inner peace and tranquility in extreme or life threatening circumstances, involving deep fear, terror, panic or fear of death.
Star of Bethlehem:
Brings soothing, healing qualities and reassurance from the Spiritual world when in shock or traumatized
Helps heal feelings of being unloved and rejected, of feeling isolated, alienated, and irritable
Mariposa Lily:
Helps when there has been abuse or abandonment from mother (or human parent figures) resulting in feelings of being unloved and unwanted. This essence cultivates a warm and loving acceptance of oneself and a sense of feeling worthy enough to accept love and nurturing from others.
Oregon Grape:
Builds trust and the ability to receive the sustaining love of others, despite past experiences that created valid reasons not to trust
Poison Oak:
Helps heal fear of intimate contact, of being touched, or being violated. Enhances the ability to be close and make contact with others rather than creating a negative barrier between ourselves and others by showing hostility, anger and irritability, thus keeping a safe emotional distance.
Red Clover:
Emotional protection from highly charged emotional energy of a group in a crisis setting; infuses strong forces of self awareness, calm and steadiness, helping avoid being pulled into "mass hysteria" of a group.
Sweet Pea:
Helps heal a deep sense of alienation and not belonging for those who are homeless or have been abandoned by their families; builds the ability to trust that commitment from a family is possible, and that family life can be safe.
Wild Rose:
Restores the vital forces of the soul when there is resignation, lack of hope, apathy, depression or despair which depletes one's vitality or will to live. Helps us regain joy and connection to earthly life.