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  • The gift of flowers does not end with beauty and fragrance,
    but continues with their profound ability
    to facilitate healing of the heart and soul ~

Flower Essences for Animals and People

How to Use Flower Essences for Animals

Why and How Do They Work with Animals?

Morgan is a sweet, tender hearted little boy, who is learning a lot about letting love in from his brother Griffie, and his human companion, Toni. His ability to learn to take in their love has been greatly enhanced by taking the Inmortal flower essence and with the help of telepathic animal communication.
Photo by Toni Crossen

My biggest attraction to flower essences is that they address the root cause of issues rather than merely mask the symptoms. They do not work as quickly as drugs, but they also do not create harmful side effects. If animals are given drugs for behavioral problems, the intensity of their behavior—especially the degree of its unacceptability to humans—may decrease. However, drugs will not do anything to help us determine the cause of a behavior problem, nor will they heal a behavior problem. They will simply suppress symptoms of a problem. Flower essences, especially when used in conjunction with telepathic communication, support the healing of the root cause or core issue of problems.

Since 1989 I have witnessed their unique, therapeutic power assist the healing journeys of thousands of animal clients. They can support animals through many issues such as behavioral problems, health issues, separation anxiety, grief, dying, adjustment to family and home changes, and healing from emotional stress, trauma, and abuse. Flower essences work most effectively when matched carefully and specifically to the problem at hand.


Gracie is one of the most charming dogs on the earth! However, because of a complicated, difficult past, she began fighting aggressively with other dogs in her family. In great thanks to her patient, unconditionally loving human mother, multiple animal communication sessions, several different flower essences over time, and some segregation, the situation stabilized. Gracie's gift to me—beyond the grace that I literally feel when connected to her—is that in my attempts to help her I needed to go deeper and deeper with her, then even more deeply to understand not only her feelings and stories behind her behavior, but to understand her very soul. Gracie let me in to see and to touch her soul. It forever changed me. The work we did together inspired me to create and continue to consciously use a paradigm of helping I call Soul Empathy- aka The Gracie Model.
Photo by Kath Quinn of Happy Dogs Play

The Dog Who Went From "Ballistic" to "Just a bit sad"
Using Flower Essences and Animal Communication
Before His Person's Trip

A client I worked with described her dog as "going ballistic" every year when she went away on an annual vacation with a friend. He would try to escape from their home (and at times succeeded), he would keep her spouse up all night whining, he hardly ate any food and had no interest in playing or taking walks. During one of the woman's trips, her husband got sedatives for the dog from their vet to calm him because of his extreme agitation, anxiety and depression while his wife was away. The sedative kept the dog quiet and physically still, but it also made the him somewhat drowsy and mentally "out of it" during most of the day. Perhaps most significantly, it didn't solve the underlying problem.

My client wanted an alternative to drugs for this severe separation anxiety. First, we talked with her dog to let him know why his person was going away,  for how long, that she would come back and when, and that his Daddy would take care of him in her absence. He was very, very relieved to finally know what was going on when his person went away and that she would always come home, because he said he was always terrified that she wouldn't return. He had been in three foster homes before my client adopted him and he said that each transition broke his heart, and that he believed they "left him" and "sent him to new places" because he wasn't good enough. A great deal of that sense of unworthiness had healed thanks to the tremendous love and bond he experiences with my client. However, the remaining "trigger" for him was when she left home. He was so scared she would not return. In our discussion, he said that even though he now had a much better understanding of why she had to go away sometimes, he said it still made him sad knowing she was leaving again soon, and he believed he might still be pretty anxious and upset when she left.

For the sadness I recommended Bleeding Heart, which brings a sense of security to loved ones who are apart by naturally helping them focus on the ongoing emotional and spiritual connection that still exists even when physically separated. This essence also helps reduce the fear of separation and any emotional co-dependence.
For the depression I recommended Wild Rose, which restores the vital forces of the soul when there is resignation, lack of hope, apathy, depression or despair which depletes one's vitality or will to live and helps us regain joy and connection to earthly life.

For the anxiety and agitation I recommended Five Flower Formula (contains the exact same essences that are in Rescue Remedy), which brings calmness and stability to high stress situations.  Because Bleeding Heart, Wild Rose and Five Flower Formula are in the Animal Relief Formula, only one bottle was needed.

My client gave her dog the essences for a few days before her trip and her husband continued to do so for the duration of her stay away from home. Later, they happily reported that the dog seemed slightly sad during her absence, but not depressed, not agitated, did not try to escape, ate well, did not whine and seemed to fully enjoy playing and taking walks.

This story is an example of how effective it can be to combine animal communication with flower essences in resolving problems. The telepathic communication provided the dog reassurance that his person would always come back, and helped his person understand the specific reasons for his distress. The flower essences took over from there, helping the dog better accept the woman's absence and to feel more calm and enjoy life despite her absence.

It was the combination of animal communication and the flower essences that resolved the problem.  For both animals and people, insights can help us better understand our issues, and even more so when they can be discussed with an empathic, caring listener. This often brings tremendous relief and healing to a problem. However, insights and loving discussion and support don't always fully heal our issues.

Flower essences often help us make the journey from insight to having the courage to apply what we've learned in real life and to more full healing.  Flower essences pick up where talking about problems and logic leaves off. For our animals, they gently drive and support the continuation of the healing of issues that may have been uncovered, clarified and discussed during conversations with them.