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  • For one species to mourn the death of another is a noble thing.

    ~ Aldo Leopold

Pet Loss Grief Support: Comfort & Healing in Your Time of Grief

~ Grief is Indifferent to the Species Lost™ ~

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May the information in the following listings help you find just the loving comfort and support that you need.
Blessings of love and peace to you as you heal.


Take Time to Heal Now

 Dying is the easier role
Returning Home to God, the angels
The spirit world of peace and love.
Our animal loved ones are there now
safe, whole, loved and ever loving.

It is in staying behind
on earth
feeling alone
without the animals we love so dearly
that is the harder role.

The anguish of it comes unbidden,
when least expected,
seemingly unending, inescapable,
dark hours of pain.

Yet relief from pain
and healing and growth are possible too
Nourishment and support
are all around
in people, the animals, the sun, the rivers
in forests, in flowers, in books, in tapes,
in pictures, in song, from angels, from God
and the strength and wisdom
of our own souls.
We must only open our hearts
to the love waiting to help us heal.

Pouring our love and care and nurturing
onto our animals
must shift now,
to loving and caring and nurturing ourselves.
It is time for us now.

As one who has loved so completely
so fully
You are just as important as the one who has died.
You do not dishonor your loved one
or their memory
by taking care of yourself.
Take time to heal now.
Make choices to grow now.
Love yourself as you love your animal.
Love yourself as your animal loves you.

~ Teresa Wagner ~

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