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  • When we all adopt through rescue vs. buying, spay & neuter, and keep our animals for their lifetimes, shelters will be near empty and euthanasia will become a tragedy of the past.

Stopping the Tragedy of Shelter Euthanasia

Be Part of the Solution

If you love animals
and want to end the euthanasia of animals in shelters,
you can be a powerful part of the solution.

Together, we can end euthanasia by doing the following four things:

1. Acquire our companion animals through rescue and adoption:
Save a life!

Boycott pet shops and breeders until there are enough homes for every homeless animal. We will help reduce overpopulation rather than contribute to it.
Any breed, any species we are looking for can be found through rescue!
Check local shelters and rescue groups and

2. Choose animals well matched to our lifestyle so we are likely to. . .
enjoy a long harmonious life together!

When we choose wisely, we increase the chances of a lifetime of compatibility and love.
Prevent stress and potential heartbreak!

Tips on Finding the Right Pet

3. Spay and neuter all our animal companions:
Save many lives!

Facts and information on spaying and neutering and low cost resources

4. Make a commitment to keep our animals for their lifetime:
Prevent heartbreak and euthanasia!
All animals, and certainly those who bring us so much love as companions and family members,
deserve to be treated by us as we would want to be treated ourselves.
Resources to help us keep our pets in times of stress and change:

Finding Housing that Accepts Pets

Help with Medical Bills

Relief from Allergies to Animals

Herbal Remedy for Relief from Allergies to Animals

Connect with your Animal Directly to Uncover Root Causes & Resolve Problems

How to Select the Right Forever Pet for You

Many resources are available to help us keep our animals in times of stress, crisis and change, or to make plans for a new, loving, appropriate home for them. Animals are not disposable toys, status symbols or utilitarian objects to be traded in for the next model, to be set aside as no longer important when a new boyfriend, spouse, partner, baby, or the next new animal arrives. They are more than pieces of furniture to be left behind or casually given away when it's inconvenient to find a new home where they are allowed. Animals are living, breathing, feeling souls who share the earth with us. In my conversation with animals, it is heartbreakingly clear that they experience the same grief, confusion, sorrow, and trauma that humans do when they are abandoned, given away, sold, or traded in for a newer, younger, perhaps more perfectly conformed or higher performing model.

For every single animal euthanized in a shelter, there is a person OUTSIDE of that shelter responsible for it. The responsibility to keep shelters from euthanizing animals lies with each of us as pet owners. If we adopt through rescue, choose a good match, spay and neuter, and keep our animals for their lifetimes, the shelters will be near empty, not overfull, and euthanasia can become a tragedy of the past.

Remember, rescue and shelter workers and administrators cannot make this happen on their own, BUT WE CAN, SIMPLY BY MAKING THE FOUR CHOICES OUTLINED ABOVE. Together, we can end the euthanasia of healthy animals.