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  • The gift of flowers does not end with beauty and fragrance,
    but continues with their profound ability
    to facilitate healing of the heart and soul ~

Flower Essences for Animals and People

Feelings and Behaviors which are Harmonized by the Flower Essences in the Animal Relief Formula

Sense of abandonment,
betrayed, rejected, confused

Bleeding Heart, Holly,
Mariposa Lily

Brokenhearted, grief, anguish

Bleeding Heart

Feel like don't belong
(to a person, family, place)

Sweet Pea

Depressed, seeming to give up

Fireweed, Wild Rose

Angry, aggressive, irritable

Impatiens (in Five Flower Formula), Holly, Poison Oak

Feel unworthy, unlovable

Mariposa Lily

Scared, overstimulation of noise, smell, sights,
no control over life circumstances

Five Flower Formula

Distrust of:

  • being touched
  • being abused or abandoned again
  • certain beings or types of beings
    (i.e. men or women, certain species)
  • of what will happen next
  • of being confined

Poison Oak, Oregon Grape, Arnica

Feeling, and perhaps taking in, the anxiety, panic, fear of other animals in the facility

Red Clover

Traumatized from:

  • abuse
  • neglect
  • abandonment

Arnica, Echinacea, Firewood,

Mariposa Lily

Spacey, not completely in body

Clematis (in Five Flower Formula)

Tired, exhausted, seeming to give up (physically or emotionally)

Wild Rose

Panicked, hysterical

Five Flower Formula