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  • Compassion brings us a certain inner strength. Once it is developed, it naturally opens an inner door, through which we can communicate with other fellow human beings, and other sentient beings, with ease and heart to heart. ~ The Dalai Lama

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Enjoy these abundant resource sections within the site for learning and inspiration about animals, practical strategies to help animals in peril, resources to help yourself with grief, stress and healing, as well as gift giving ideas for animal lovers of all ages.


Other Recommended Resources

Animal Matters

A highly recommended animal communication and healing team in the UK.


A Great Resource for Pet Health Insurance


Holistic Health & Healing:

American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association
Visit their web site for their directory of holistic veterinarians in your area.

Head to Tail Health—Holistic Animal Nutritional Counseling
Bonnie Blumenfeld, Registered Veterinary Technician

The Healthy Animal
Owned by Diane Dewberry, a shamanic healer and flower essence practitioner and long time student of herbs, diet and healing for animals, her store carries the best brands of healthy pet food and supplements. Mail order available. And if you are lucky enough to live near Pembroke, you can bring your dog for on-site canine massage by the wonderfully skilled and loving Freddie Vecchi.

• Natural help for upset stomachs in dogs

Lori Pacheco, Reiki Master
Lori is my associate in my animal communication work and I also recommend her Reiki healing work very highly. She has helped numerous clients with her skill and deep compassion and love for animals which is the foundation of all of her work.

Patricia Lennox, ND, Ph.D., Vitamin and Supplement Specialist 510-834-6526 (CA)
Patricia has both studied and applied knowledge of animal and human physiology and holistic health for many years. She is an avid animal lover and a virtual walking encyclopedia of supplements known to be helpful for specific health imbalances. You can save yourself a great deal of research by having a brief consultation with her to determine which supplements can best help your animal's (or your!) condition. Holistic Pet Nutrition and Natural Remedies
Proprietor JoAnn Rando Moon was a caregiver of Old Dogs at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary before offering her expertise to the general public. She is a font of information on holistic remedies and endless love for the animals.

Meditation Resources:

Guided Meditation for Animal Communication by Teresa Wagner

Coming Home to Yourself—Guided Meditations for Grounding, Connecting with Your Spirit, & Exploring Your Divine Heart Space, by Jeanine Sande, Medical Intuitive Healer
Highly recommended!

Path of Light: from author LaUna Huffines of Healing Yourself with Light and Bridge of Light. Her guided meditations were the focus of my successful healing from a major health problem. Her work is of the highest possible vibration of love and connection with angels. I cannot recommend her work and integrity highly enough.

Lumin Essence with Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer , authors of several best selling spiritual books. Their meditation CDs are psychologically grounded and spiritually very, very high in vibration. I recommend them highly. They also have several musical CDs, one of which—Ascent to Heaven—is featured on my Guided Meditation for Animal Communication CD.

• The Voice for Love—Accessing Your Inner Wisdom Meditation Resources and the Love Voice of Within

Missing Animals:

Missing Pet Partnership: Search and Rescue for Lost Pets

Missing Pet Network

Animal Communicators Who Work with Missing Animals

Quality Pet Supplies, Toys, ID Tags and Furniture:

The Cat and Kitten Store offers discount pet supplies, cat furniture, cat trees, cat condos, towers, pet houses, Kittywalk Systems, pet beds, cat toys and more with free shipping on select items.

HappyDogsPlay.comWelcome to Land of Dog where they have almost everything you need to happily play with your dog, keep your dog safe and make your own home a living shrine to your love of all things dog. Safe dog toys, First aid kits and dog safety items like vests, life jackets and safety lights; fun dog-centric items for dog people including the work of many dog-centric artists, DIY dog crafts, dog cookie cutters, dog embroidery kits, decorative dog-themed pillows, vintage dog collectibles and much, much more.

Recommended Publications:

Species Link, The Journal of Interspecies Telepathic Communication
by animal communication pioneer Penelope Smith

The Coastal Canine,
An upbeat, entertaining, and informational magazine for dog lovers who enjoy hiking, traveling, and dining with their canine companions. We strive to provide wellness and training information as well as other resources to assist dog lovers in providing the best care for their four legged friends.

Anne Walker Books, Spiritually oriented and delightful books about animals; also a blog with postings about important overpopulation issues: Don't breed or buy while homeless pets die

Resources to Help you Keep Your Pet
in Times of Stress and Change:

Photo credits and notes for woman with elephant:
Elke Riesterer, offering TTouch to land-mine wounded Thai elephant she worked with daily over a period of time.