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  • The best way to learn the language of another species is as a social partner.

    ~Conrad Lorenz

Wisdom from the Whales Teleclass

A very full experience with Teresa and the Whales, offering insight and wisdom on many levels about ourselves, the whales, and all species. ~ Kristin T.

I really enjoyed the class. It was loaded with wonderful information and I got a much broader understanding about the whales. Awesome! Full of compassion for the whales! Thank you so much! ~ Susan P.

Informative,exciting, beautiful and loving. ~ Marti P.

Teresa's knowledge and love for the Whales is totally heart opening and inspirational. Anyone who has any desire to connect with the Wise energy of the Whales must take this course to receive a well rounded and intelligent experience. I felt that Teresa was very sensitive to what the participants were asking for. She made her gifts of animal communication very accessible and empowered all of us with clear directions and deep respect. ~ Fawn C.

I was not able to access the online evaluation form, but I want to write that I thoroughly enjoyed Theresa's teleclass. On the practical side, the audio was very good and I had no trouble hearing her. Teresa's policy is to have everyone mute for the presentation and then she had participants share their experiences with the whales. During the second session she answered questions that had been sent in before the class as well as presented more information and more inspired teaching. I like her style of teaching. But beyond that, I was jotting down notes so I could remember and review the wisdom that she was imparting. I could feel her love for the whales and through sensing her immense love and enjoyment of the whales I in turn felt joy and happiness. Theresa has a lot of wisdom concerning life and energy work and healing. I resonated with her and that is the highest complement I can give her. Theresa is one of those humans who have the gift of inspiring others. The whales chose wisely when they chose to connect with and teach Theresa. She has made me more aware of the wisdom that is available from the whales and has inspired me to reach out to the whales. ~ Phyllis R

Thank you, Teresa, for sharing your love of the magnificent Humpback Whales with us. After listening to your stories, viewing your wondrous photos, and watching the video "Whale Wisdom – A Mother Humpback's View" my heart was unexpectedly touched like no one has ever managed to do, other than my beloved Joshua. ~ Davidene T.

Teresa has a fantastic ability to take thought-provoking topics and present them in a straightforward fashion. Her ability to mix humor into her presentation is outstanding! She paces content and delivers it at an appropriate level for all to understand. She responds well to questions posed. The content of this class unexpectedly touched my heart and, more importantly, jarred me into taking a proactive stand for whale conservation. ~ Davidene T.

The workshop met expectations with regard to learning about the whales and their perspectives through communication and stories. It exceeded my expectations in acquiring a whale guide (sadie) who has been conversing with me since the first night. What a blessing! Thank you, theresa, for holding the space for us to connect so profoundly with the whales. I look forward to exploring my relationship with them more in depth. you've opened an important door for me. ~ Judy R.