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  • The best way to learn the language of another species is as a social partner.

    ~Conrad Lorenz

Whale Swim Journey

Whale calf

"This trip was beyond our wildest imagination. We both love animals and the opportunity to be so close to whales was reason enough to go on such an adventure, however we received much more than we had expected, both on and after the trip. We were initially told by many of the wonderful people on this trip that it was a life changing event, well it was difficult to understand this, but now it is very clear. The feeling one gets when they are in the water with the whales and how that permeates ones very being I think is impossible to understand unless someone has personally experienced it. The lasting effects have been more than memories, but rather a greater sense of peace, calm, awareness and love. I know to many this sounds strange, as it did initially to me, but it is true.

I also can not imagine a better facilitator than Teresa. She was remarkable at creating a friendly, warm environment, at including everyone, and helping everyone with what they needed to get the most out of their experience. If only politicians and corporate leaders would go and be with the whales, the profoundness of their presence would change them as well and the world would be a far greater place. Simply amazing, I thank the whales, I thank Teresa and the others on the boat. Something magical happened out there, I wish more people could experience it." ~ Jeff Hansen, California

Sacred Swims & Communication with Humpback Whales

"I have been a marine mammal lover all my life. I have been swimming and playing with dolphins in the wild in Hawaii, in the Bahamas and in Florida. In Hawaii, I have been Whale Watching, and was even part of a Research Team studying Vessel Impact on Humpbacks. But this was my first experience with being dropped in pods of humpbacks. . . in the clear blue waters of a hundred square miles of coral reefs. It has been the most breathtaking experience I've had. The gentle giant angels of the sea welcomed us in their nursery, and accepted us in their loving daily life. It is definitely a spiritual experience that enhances our experience of the Oneness of Consciousness in Everything. It was also a plus to be part of a spiritual group that set the atmosphere with meditation and allowed sharing on an uplifting level." ~ Elise Pouliot, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

"I was at the lowest point in my life — no one could reach me. God reached me through the whales. He knew the humpbacks meant the world to me and I would listen to them." ~ Leona, Hawaii

participants on whale trip

"It was the first time I saw humpback whales in nature. It touched me very deeply. It was amazing to see them breaching and breaching without getting tired! To see and feel their gentleness and at the same time their great power and strength. A few times the whales allowed me to come very close to them and be with them at their side or right above them. It was so amazing! I learned that it is possible to have a special and meaningful connection with one whale; I am very happy that I had the real experience of it on that trip!" ~ Gitta Horstmann, Germany

The best part of the trip for me was looking into that baby's eye. What magic! And what Teresa brings to the trip with her boundless warmth, enthusiasm, love and accessibility is priceless." ~ Terry Hribal, Ohio

"Utterly awesome, life changing to experience the whales allowing us to be with them, and seeing the confidence of the mothers to let their babies swim to us. It enhanced the trip to have Teresa keep the group focus on love, openness, sharing and acceptance. Thank you, thank you for one of the most wonderful experiences of my life." ~ Jodi Frediani, California

"Although the idea of actually swimming in the ocean with whales was awe inspiring I hadn't expected it to be a life changing experience. Nothing I read or heard could prepare me for the experience of having these fabulous creatures so obviously welcome us into their environment and allow us to be with their babies. And the degree that they trusted us mirrored my trust in the staff of the Bottom time II. I'm very safety conscious around water and they were noticeably terrific in every way. Their competence and focus on safety made it possible for me to fully enjoy the whole experience. And the company and food were the best!!! I'm coming back next year for an encore." ~ Crystal Hawk, Toronto, Canada

"During this week I have experienced the beauty, gentleness, gracefulness, sensitivity and overwhelming love that these wonderful beings have exhibited. . . Thank you for an experience of a lifetime." ~ Andre' P. Webber, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

Whale trip participants

"The Silver Bank Whale Swim was a magical, memorable experience. Coming face to face with a Humpback and baby, hanging suspended in the blue, while an unspoken greeting seems to pass between you is the most amazing thing. Watching whales from the surface is one thing but swimming with them is an unforgettable privilege, one you will treasure forever." ~ Bobbii Cartright, Bermuda

"Nothing in my experience compares to the time I floated bare-footed in the ocean above three whales immersed in their world—subtle, energetic, aqua blue. They moved imperceptibly, like phantoms and even close to the surface one could hear the eerie songs of other whales spreading throughout the otherwise silent water. It must be like going to a new planet or dimension. Sharing space with them shifts your consciousness and provides a genuine experience of living." ~ Kim Jarrett, Texas

Whale image copyright Chris Bangs

"Utterly awesome, life changing to experience the whales allowing us do be with them. Their confidence to let their babies swim toward us. Thank you, thank you for one of the most wonderful experiences of my life.

It was so extraordinary watching and being in the water with them. They are so awesome and beautiful, yet gentle and wise. During one encounter when a mother and calf slowly rose up beneath me so close I could have touched them. I stopped breathing and my heart stopped I was so excited. I will never forget the eye contact with them when they approached the surface near me. I will definitely put this down as my best life experience ever.

I couldn't believe the amazing gathering of such remarkable people. I am so thankful that the whales drew me to this trip so I could meet each and every one of them. The energy of love was so very strong with this group. And the healing every day, along with the belly laughs. Our mutual love of all living beings (human and animal). It was tons of fun sharing our joy of being with the whales. I feel so blessed to have spent time with them.

Teresa you are love manifested. You greeted each one of us like long lost friends. Even the ones you never met before. I've never seen a facilitator so open and giving of time. Your gratitude and love towards everything was so refreshing. On Friday, when you left the boat it was just a boat all of a sudden. I commented to one of the ladies that the boat seemed to have lost its energy. My opportunity to have met you and to have spent time with you was as much of a blessing or more as being with the whales." ~ Julie Banks Marino, Chicago

"Teresa's presence was important in bringing the group together and made for an immediate trust and sense of comfort. Her facilitation was wonderful and so important in focusing our intention and really making it a meaningful experience with the whales. It was very special to come together all the times we did in meditation and gratitude. I really felt cared about and able to accept people's help and to cry in front of others. I know I would not have been comfortable enough to do that in another group. The group's connection to Teresa made this possible. Thank you. ~ Jennifer Grandi, Utah

"I have been forever altered. The encounter with the whales in the water was life changing. I floated above a mother whale for a very long time. She allowed me completely into her bond with her calf and escort. It was a very sacred exchange and completely validating for me, allowing me to be very open and accepting of my own spiritual range. It truly felt like family. This mother whale took the time for stillness with all of us. As a result, I experienced my consciousness merge with hers and be in the state of oneness. There's a continual knowing of where I belong now." ~ Fawn Christianson, California

First Voyage

— Dedicated to all who journeyed to love with the Humpback Whales and to the members of the International Whaling Commission —

It is a spiritual universe. And together we slipped away under a starry sky from the continents and islands we knew, to meet ourselves — in the light of a dazzling dawn.

With a deep calm upwelling beneath us, we cast our faith and love upon the waters to meet ourselves — for the first time. In the knowledge that healing is possible, and that miracles can and do occur — we swam.

Grace washed over us with every sigh of whale-spout, heave of water and sleek arch of humpback — in a glittering sea.

Was it because we couldn't touch the whales, that we were able to touch each other? Or because the whales touched us so deeply, that we had the courage to reach out?

From mother to calf to me, a song of forgiveness pases from heart to heart to heart, until trust replaces fear—every time.

14 April 2001
Susan L. Grimshaw