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  • The best way to learn the language of another species is as a social partner.

    ~Conrad Lorenz

Loss and Grief Classes

Meeting you Teresa— you have a beautiful, calming and genuine energy which surrounds you and floats around to those of us in your workshop. I loved the comforting space you created. ~ Enid Traisman, author, grief counselor

Being OK and supported in moving into deep, painful situations. Seeing the gift of the issues and experiences, how I can grow from the pain. The drawings, the artwork was of great value. The "allowing" environment—for me to be able to get into very deep feelings in a safe, loving, supportive place. Loved the meditations. Feeling loved as whole being. Being acknowledged. What will be different in my life as a result of the workshop is that I feel I will be ore open in expressing my feelings in the presence of others and asking for what I need. Taking care of myself better. ~ Adele Zimerman

Teresa has a fantastic ability to take thought-provoking topics and present them in a straightforward fashion. Her ability to mix humor into her presentation of the mysteries of souls coming to and leaving earth is outstanding! She paces content and delivers it at an appropriate level for all to understand. Responds well to questions posed. ~ Davidene T.

Teresa's choices what to share of the animal perspectives were great. They were a combination of affirming, reassuring, heartwarming and perspective shifting. I could feel Teresa's thoughtfulness and gentle presence, which is so wonderful to be with. I also enjoyed being with a group of like minded people. ~ Julie L.

Teresa is a wonderful teacher and the class was a spiritual as I expected. I truly enjoyed envisioning the others in the group, and knowing that we all came together to share this moment for ourselves, and of course the animals. It was a privilege and an honor to attend. ~ Linda W

What an incredibly satisfying journey Teresa has taken us on during this teleclass. Her gentle presentations of her client's stories lead me through a range of emotions – from laughter to tears to quiet reflection. I am richer and wiser for having taken this class, and yet I am deeply humbled by the profound wisdom and unconditional love of our beloved animal companions. I understand more clearly, now, that the best and most beautiful things in this life cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart. The class exceeded my expectations. ~ Davidene T.

Thanks for having this class that addressed questions many of us were wondering within ourselves. ~ Tina T

I wasn't really expecting anything from this class, I was just curious. I ended up enjoying the classes very much and came away with a lot of helpful information and a lot to think about. Teresa presented the material very well. I also liked how she asked people in the class to relate their personal experiences, and the opportunity after class to hear everyone's perspectives. ~ Jeanine G.