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Animal Communication Workshops

Recently I attended the Basic Animal Communication Workshop. This was my first acquaintance with Teresa Wagner and attempting to communicate with animals in a serious, structured way. My experience was magnificent. I found Teresa to be extremely gifted not only in communicating with animals but equally gifted in communicating with humans. And to top it off, she is an exceptional workshop facilitator.

As a former director of a retreat/workshop center, I have participated in many workshops. I cannot say, "I've see it all," however, I have seen workshops fall apart due to the facilitator's inability to hold the spirit of the group. I believe I am able to discern when a truly gifted individual shines her light and ignites others' growth. This is Teresa Wagner. As a solo facilitator she was able to hold each individual within the group while expressing our own uniqueness. There was safety and space for everybody. She was organized to perfection. Teresa was 100% present l00% of the time. Amazing! And to my surprise, I discovered that this workshop was about my personal growth just as much as it was about communicating with animals. The depth of my experience in this workshop will remain with me throughout my life. Thank you, Teresa! ~ Lenore Diane

I highly recommend any animal lover to take this workshop! It is an incredible, mystical journey into animals. The love that was expressed through Teresa's great teaching really touched me so I could become a better communicator. I really could feel all of the thought and energy that was behind this workshops and I really appreciate it. ~ Yoanna Kanalakis

I loved the workshop. You are an excellent teacher and presented all the information in an easy to understand way and created a safe and sacred space for sharing and exploring. I got validation from every telepathic communication we practiced whether it was with my own animals or someone else's. It was very exciting. ~ Carie Broeker

I can feel more clearly messages in my heart from the animals and nature now. I was so touched by all the love coming from you and the circle, and the Amazing Grace song with the whales at the closing, that I felt the love in my heart pour out and grow without fear. I want to continue to grow in love with strength. Thank you very much for all your guidance, support, affirmation and loving kindness! ~ Elizabeth Jensen

I was totally amazed and impressed and blown away by Teresa's patience and gentleness—extremely consistent. ~ Moria M

I came away with tools to deal with situations where animals may be in trouble or suffering. The whole section on protecting yourself and not owning someone's pain was very useful to me and helped me immediately with the rescue animals that I'm so involved with.
~ Monica Rua

The workshop helped me to be more comfortable with my strong connectedness to animals. It was great to be with other people whose values are similar to mine. I really appreciated that you stressed non-competitiveness and going at our own speed and that you addressed our doubts. Such a nurturing environment. Was so validating for my connectedness to animals. ~ Mary Graydon-Fontana

I loved when we got to communicate with each other's animals. It was awesome. I also liked that the handouts were so complete that I didn't have to spend a lot of time writing. I got more time to experience things. The time you took so we could build trust with one another, with your love and guidance, created a very safe place. My capacity to give and receive love grew. The ending ceremony left me with my heart so full of love; there really aren't any words to describe it. Now I know that with practice I can talk with my animals. ~ Anonymous

I now realized that telepathic communication is real. I also appreciated the materials provided to refer back to, and the practice in meditation. I loved the intimate atmosphere and your wonderful, facilitation style—ability to go with the group's energy, and share so openly about your own personal professional experience. Thank you. ~ Anonymous

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the animal communication workshop. For me the experience was extremely powerful and transformative, not only in the area of animal communication, but also in terms of my spiritual outlook. I feel that the loving and accepting environment you created at the workshop definitely was a catalyst. Thank you again. ~ Kathy Nimz

I have consulted Teresa many times and attended her workshops. I am always amazed and deeply touched by her level of integrity and the clearness of her light. This is a woman who has truly been called by the Divine to minister to our hearts and to reconnect us with the ones we have lost. I hold her in the highest regard, both as an example of what we should aspire to be as human beings, and as a true friend to all those in the animal kingdom. ~ Margo Mateas

Using a pet communicator has led not only to correcting the behavior of my sweet kitty, Keisha, but also to the healing of her emotional issues which was resulting in physical ailments for her. It has been such a wonderful experience to watch her evolvement, that it led me to want to learn more about animal communication. I took Teresa ‘s workshop and was very taken with how natural it felt and how it brought me to tears connecting to animals and their unconditional love. The practice sessions, which I participate in on a monthly basis, keep reinforcing this for me. Both the workshop and the practice groups have enhanced my love for animals and have given me an even deeper level of compassion for all beings. ~ Diane C.

I just wanted to thank you once again for the marvelous, love-filled workshop. It was one of the best experiences I've had in many years. I'll be practicing my animal communication skills over the next few months. I so enjoyed meeting so many people of like mind and learning about all those precious little beings that they love. And the best part was getting to spend so much time with you. You are a truly gifted, warm, and generous human being. ~ Charlotte Sky

The meditations were quiet and calming, providing an excellent opportunity to gain insight and clarity within ourselves. Through your stories I also found the possibilities that exist through animal communication. Teresa, your true love of animals and your ability to communicate that love to them is so evident at the workshops you teach. It provides a very powerful experience. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to study with you.
~Sharon Dunn

Learning how to listen was probably the most important thing. I felt like I'd really come home because the camaraderie was there and the training was gentle but most effective. The workshop is truly outstanding. ~Alexandra Rogers