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  • The best way to learn the language of another species is as a social partner.

    ~Conrad Lorenz

Workshops & Events

Speaking with the Souls of Animals:
Advanced Animal Communication

A workshop to deepen and expand our telepathic communication with animals



21 hours:  All day Friday, Saturday and Sunday


To be announced(For interest in future dates , Contact us)


$375 includes 21 hours of class and workshop booklet of several dozen pages of handouts


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This workshop is designed for people who've already taken a basic animal communication workshop (with me or someone else), and who want to build upon and deepen their telepathic communication with animals. Because the workshop design deepens and expands each year with new material and exercises, it is also appropriate for those who've already taken advanced workshops, and want to use the workshop as a continuation of their overall learning about animal communication, to build their skills, and increase their confidence.

My basic workshop is designed to help people remember their natural telepathic abilities and to provide coaching and nurturing support as they begin to practice this natural communication with animals. In this advanced workshop, we continue this practice and build upon it in a broader range of contexts, with conscious use of specific skills to solve problems and deepen intimacy and trust.

You might also want to read more about the Client-Centered, Empathy Based Approach to Animal Communication and Healing which is a foundational philosophy of the workshop and all of my work.

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This workshop is an opportunity to build further competency in receiving telepathic messages and in using specific skills to build trust, deepen intimacy and problem solve with animals. Workshop activities include an opportunity to:

  • Share stories, concerns, successes, stumbling blocks and questions about your animal communication efforts, and receive practical feedback and nurturing guidance
  • Practice energetic preparation for telepathic communication and review its importance
  • Discuss and practice the components of an effective telepathic consultation
  • Review and practice how to effectively frame and re-frame questions—a touchstone competency for effective communication and counseling to seek clarity, to discover and uncover the fullness of the messages in another's heart, to invite the telling of their stories
  • Build awareness of the three levels of empathy and their place in effective animal communication: intellectual, emotional and soul empathy
  • LOTS of PRACTICE SESSIONS with practical and nurturing feedback, guidance and coaching
  • Learn how to deal with exposure to animals' pain: A practical and spiritual model of what to do when compassion hurts


At each workshop, we create a mandala type altar, with sacred objects, photos of beloved animals and gifts from nature to share with one another. The altar serves as a visual and energetic centerpiece throughout the weekend, reminding us that communication with animals and with all of nature is both natural and to be revered.


It is only through love, through the portal of the heart,
that we come together as fellow souls,
to communicate what is most important to one another and to grow