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  • The best way to learn the language of another species is as a social partner.

    ~Conrad Lorenz

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Whales' Communication with Humans:
A Teleclass
About the Life Stories of Whales, From the Whales

From Over 30 Years of Conversations with the Souls of Whales

Communication with whales, while mystical, is neither mysterious nor paranormal. It also need not be rare. When we listen with a genuine depth of empathy, respect and love, regarding ourselves as soul peers rather than as a superior (or inferior) species to whales, we can then begin to hear them with grace and ease. We can then telepathically receive their thoughts, feelings and stories of what it is like to be a whale, and their perceptions about the tapestry and purpose of our existence together on earth. Join us in this webinar to hear the diversity of life stories from whales' communication with professional animal communicator Teresa Wagner.


2 1/2 hours


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Teresa Wagner, M.S.


Anyone who loves whales or is interested in learning more about the whales' perspective of their lives and our relationship with them. Read comments from past participants

There are boundaries between us, little calf, but our songs meet.
Whenever we listen we will hear each other, the soft harmony of two
different singers looking at each other through clear water.

- Spoken by a whale to a young human girl in the novel Whale Singer by Wilton Katz


Telepathic communication with whales connects us directly with the specific thoughts, feelings and stories of individual whales. It takes us beyond observation of behavior to learning the reasons behind those behaviors--from the whales’ perspective, not human assumptions about those behaviors. Telepathic communication with whales also takes us beyond archetypes about whales, which are stereotypes about an entire species, not information derived from conversations with individual whales.

While archetypal myths about whales have served to inspire whale lovers over the ages and behavioral observation is a critical part of research which helps us scientifically understand and save whales, telepathic communication is the vehicle that allows us access to the minds and souls of individual whales.

In conversations with whales, we learn their perspectives of their lives--directly from them--not from myths created from made up stories or from potentially biased assumptions about behavioral motivations applied to an entire species. Added to scientific knowledge about whales’ biology and behavior, messages from telepathic communication with whales allow us to begin to know them as individual, whole beings.

Whales' Communication with Humans
Webinar Outline

• Who are the whales behind the messages shared in this webinar?
• Understanding the difference between actual conversations with whales and archetypal stereotypes about whales
• The whales' view of their role in the world
• What it's like for whales when humans intentionally visit them in the ocean
• Their thoughts on love
• Mothering, escorting, singing, mating, migrating
• Being entangled in fishing gear
• On the lighter side
• On whalers and being hunted:
Their experiences of trauma, forgivensss and life after death
• Human rescue attempts and sending healing energy
• What it's like to be a captive whale
• Whales who serve as spiritual guides and healers:
Personal messages of guidance for people
• Communicating with the whales yourself:
Meditations during the webinar and resources for further learning
• What can I learn from the messages in the whales' communication webinar?
Photo copyright Chris Bangs


I have stroked, swum with, and looked at these creatures, and felt their essence
rise to meet me like perfume on a spring day. Touched by it, I felt gentler myself,
more open to the possibilitiesthat existed around me.
There may be only one way to begin to learn from them, and that is to begin.
We would not be harmed by returning to the roots which once nourished us,
which still, unseen, link together all life that lives, and feels, and thinks,
and dies on this, our common planet.

~ Joan McIntyre, Mind in the Waters 1974


Personal note from webinar facilitator Teresa Wagner:

Most of us seem to have certain animal species with whom we connect much more deeply than others—animals who call to our souls in ways that no others can. This is how it is for me with the whales. They are my ancestral family and my spiritual guides. I love them beyond measure. Whether we refer to the animals with whom we have such profound relationships as our power animals, spirit guides, teachers, healers or family isn't what's important. What does seem to be important is our openness and willingness to enthusiastically yet humbly discern their important messages, and to apply that learning into the daily fabric of our lives.

My first conversation with a whale was in October, 1988 while on a whale watch boat in the Gulf of Maine off Provincetown, Massachusetts. Our encounter changed my life irrevocably. For the next eleven years I traveled to see humpbacks as often as I could possibly afford to—trips to Hawaii, Alaska and back to Provincetown. In 1999, I was blessed to have my first experience to actually be in the water, side by side, swimming with these magnificent beings. Ever since, I've been facilitating annual trips to the same whale sanctuary off the Dominican Republic to bring other humans to swim with and communicate with these whales. This journey is my annual pilgrimage to be with the whales, the holy days of my year, every year.

There are almost no words for what this is like to be next to these whales who so obviously choose to be near us in the water. Time stops. The world stops. The energy of their love, strength, gentleness and trust is palpable. Despite the vast differences in species and size, there seem to be no differences when we're together, only our spirits, only our mutual love. There is no fear, no alarm, no ego. Only love, there is simply light and love. This love and their wisdom infuses us. And it stays long after returning to land. It is this profound loving energy from the whales that I will attempt to convey in the class. Though the whales who choose to come to us in the water very much enjoy the experience, they have made it clear that being together physically is not needed to exchange this energy. It is a great pleasure and delight to help otheres connect with them through this class. They enjoy connecting with us in conversation and in love.


One of the most transformative and pivotal things the whales told me many years ago is that:

"Higher consciousness is not related to species, breed, intelligence or ego. It's the result of a soul's choice to accept and embrace opportunities to grow, regardless of the form (or formlessness) a soul may be experiencing at any time."

Before hearing this from the whales, I had placed them and their wise messages on a towering pedestal, assigning them a greatness I thought achievable only by whales and perhaps saints and bodhisattvas. They called me on the carpet for this view! I was told that:

"Wisdom is not meant to be shrouded in mystery, intellectualized, or admired from afar as if unattainable, but to be utilized and lived."

Furthermore, they admonished me (affectionately!):

". . .not to idolize or worship others' greatness but to access it as guidance as I find my own greatness and live it."

These messages and others from the whales that have helped many of us on our life journeys are shared and expounded upon in the class.

I have been talking with the whales for over thirty years, and have been deeply rewarded by every minute of the communication. Sometimes I hear about their life stories, their joys and sorrows; sometimes they offer me personal guidance; sometimes I serve as a translator for individuals to hear the guidance whales want to offer them; sometimes it is to help whales in distress, and sometimes to bring messages from the whales to groups of people. This class is an opportunity to share some of these messages as well as to help people connect personally with the whales. The information is augmented by dozens of stunning photographs of humpback whales. I hope you'll join us. 

With love and blessings,


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I loved hearing the stories of the whales. It was a beautiful, life-altering experience! I am much more mindful of how my actions impact the waters of the world.

~ Robin S, Canoga Park CA USA

I love to hear what they have to say! It was very very powerful. So many messages that we each need to hear and take into our heart. Little One's messages left an indelible mark on my soul regarding the ability of beings - humans in particular - to be thoughtless and self-centered; so many others of the whales (especially Uncle) gave messages that were so poignant about us all being the same, just in different bodies. Every message, in truth, has touched my heart in a very deep place. I am so grateful to have heard them. Everyone - no matter how "enlightened" - can benefit from hearing reminders about our (humans) place in the universe.

~ Faun F, New Orleans, LA USA

Teresa, you did a wonderful job of opening my mind to a new awareness of whales,? hearing from the whales, and how they are their own selves. I was guilty of not thinking of them as individuals. I loved the mothers’ stories wanting their calves to meet good people who love them. It opens your eyes to the beings that live in the ocean, you can see and feel their love for us and mother earth and even why some don't like or trust us. I am inspired to help clean our oceans for all to live and enjoy all being who live there. It is the right thing to do.

~ Tammy T, Rockford, MI USA

It was really great to hear everything from the whales perspective. I closed my eyes and visualized all your amazing stories. I truly enjoyed it. Thank you so much for this tele-class today.  You have a great gift in sharing your knowledge and wisdom to reawaken the rest of us.  Namaste,

~ Kathleen L, Itasca, IL USA

I loved the stories that Teresa told about the various whales. Certainly any whale lover will appreciate the stories and in depth information from the whales. The webinar addresses the mythology and misconceptions about whales with facts and above all with love and respect. The webinar was a reminder that we are simply one.

~ Jean C. Warrington, PA US

Thank you for a wonderful afternoon! From the very first moment I heard your voice I was overcome with emotion, with tears flowing freely for 2 1/2 hours! It felt so good to be with you and the whales. I experienced joy, laughter, hope, excitement, anticipation, sadness, sorrow, regret, pain, peace, love, and everything in between.  Blessings of Love!

~ Arrana A, Arden, NC  USA

Top photo: From Aggressor Fleet trip 2011. Taken by Captain Amanda Bryan, used with permission and gratitude.

First photo on right: copyright Chris Bangs, used with permission and gratitude
Second photo on right: copyright Sierra Goodman,; used with permission and gratitude
Final photo, on left: copyright Sierra Goodman,; used with permission and gratitude