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  • "On this globe there is almost endless diversity. Nevertheless, the greater fact is that when it comes to the treasures of the soul, differences vanish. In the place of the heart, only one light shines. This light is the same in all beings."

    -Gurumayi Chidvilasananda

Animal Communication

Ralph, now Rocky

Ralph, now Rocky

Once I had the name Ralph. It was a good name for me but I either outgrew myself or something else was in the works and it changed everything. When I was about seventeen I started growing all these ugly tumors inside of me. I was really angry and did not like my strong body failing me. I tried to hide my sickness from my mom and she tried to reason away the slow loss of my sixteen pounds of catness but one day it came to her that something was wrong and she scooped me up and held me to her. She practically crushed me with her grief as we both shared our understanding of what we knew to be the beginning of the end of this lifetime for me.

A couple of visits to the vet were ok with me and I told my mom I would even tolerate them shaving my belly but that was about as far as I was willing to go. The doctor did shave my belly and did an ultrasound and from there it was confirmed my belly and lungs were full of tumors that were sapping my strength. My mom then called my aunt and uncle. I have this special thing with my Uncle Charlie. You see my Uncle Charlie acts kind of tough and gets angry when he is sad just like I do and so we kind of have our own understanding. When Charlie would visit I would come out of hiding and brush up along side of him and he would talk to me and I to him. Crossing the line between species only requires an opened heart and a belief in magic and trusting in something greater beyond ourselves.

Well, once the diagnoses were made my time was short. My mom wanted to make sure she was doing what was right for me and so she worked with Teresa to help find out what it was that I might need before I translated from this life. Teresa helped my mom feel assured that she (my mom) would know when the right time was to help me be released. During my last month or so I became angry that I had to leave and so whenever my mom tried to give me comfort or just be with me I would take my sulking body from the room and go some where else in the house or outside. I loved my family and I loved being "the cat" in the neighborhood and even though all my spirit helpers were with me preparing me for my next adventure I was so attached to this life. And then one-day things shifted and before the big day came I sent my mom mental pictures of a little orange kitten looking disheveled and full of light. Just in case my mom was gonna be dense and not get my message, I sent the same pictures to my Aunt. I thought maybe these images would comfort my mom but as she set about that day on March 13th preparing a grave site for me and crying her eyes out, I knew there was still a lot my mom had to go through before she could let go of me. Earlier that morning, she called the vet and said it was time and thank good ness the vet came to the house and I did not have to get in that silly cat carrier! As the vet pulled up to the house, my little brother, Silver, came out of hiding and bore witness to my passing. Usually Silver does not come around when strangers are about but I had been preparing Silver and Silver wanted to be there. I had been talking to my mom and her heart was clear and she knew it was time and I am very honored how she supported me in my passing. My mom was afraid of anything dead. She was not sure she could touch my body after my spirit left me but she did and she is the one who carried me to my burial site and gently placed me down. I was wrapped in a beautiful blue blanket that my Aunt had made for me. It is now a year and a half later and I am back!

My new name is Rocky and I am a highly unusual cat. The light burns brightly in my being and I bring joy to my family although truth be told I am also a bit of a brat. My mom was pretty sure it was I when she saw my scrawny little orange body with the other gray kitten at the animal shelter. But I acted like I did not really recognize her. It was my first adoption day and the rules were such that I had to be held at the shelter for 3 full working days. My mom took advantage of this waiting period and contacted Teresa to ask Teresa if this truly was Ralph come back. Teresa confirmed it was the soul of Ralph and her contacting me was like a jolt of awakening. My mom came to visit me the next day and this time I purred and purred when she was holding me. I still had to wait one more day before I could go home but oh boy was I excited.

The first thing I did as soon as my mom let me out of my carrier in our house was I ran up to Max and sniffed his big muzzle and then ran around and grabbed his tail. I than ran all through the house sniffing and checking things out. My mom was pretty convinced it was me come back, although she will forever be a bit of a skeptic. She said not once did I act frightened and I had the same bold cockiness I had left with. Already I weigh 8 pounds and I am only six months old. My vet said I was precocious because at 3 months I was already showing signs of being a mature male. Well, my mom put an end to that real quick and now I am neutered but still I am the CAT of the neighborhood. My mom keeps telling me to stop terrorizing Silver but I can’t seem to help myself.

My Uncle Charlie was by a few nights ago. He is very sad right now because he lost his mom to a very tragic accident. He couldn’t sleep and so I stayed with him and nibbled his nose and his foot because I wanted him to know it was his old buddy Ralph and to tell him that his mom is right there, in his heart, and that she loves him so much. I want my Uncle Charlie to believe and feel the magic and joy of being alive. I know he can hear me because the next morning he told my mom he now believes I am the soul of Ralph come back. I also know I cannot take any one’s pain away but I can be there like a light shining the way through the darkness.

Well, this story will never be finished but I know it will be marked by many blessed moments of recognition, truth, change and love. I am so happy my mom and other humans are able to open their hearts to the universal language of love and laughter. I am teaching my mom about attachments and letting go, and about experiencing the sheer joy of a moment. Someday I believe she will accept my communications with her and not doubt what it is I am sending her. Meanwhile, to all you cats out there; keep your paws dry and your tail up!

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