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  • "On this globe there is almost endless diversity. Nevertheless, the greater fact is that when it comes to the treasures of the soul, differences vanish. In the place of the heart, only one light shines. This light is the same in all beings."

    -Gurumayi Chidvilasananda

Animal Communication

Misty, Dusty, Mikey and Angelina


I have been a lover of animals ever since I can remember. Actually, I come from a family of animal lovers. My maternal grandfather gave a name to every cow, horse, goat, chicken, duck, cat, dog, etc. on his farm many years ago! My dad tells that when he was a child, many of the barn cats on their farm came into the basement of the house for the winter to stay in out of the cold & sleep by the furnace. Three or 4 cats were always in the house to eat & sleep. Besides being nice company, "With cats in the house, you’ll never have a mouse", my paternal grandmother often advised. As a child growing up in our household, I remember that our animals were always very important family members. So now, the stage is set for my story.

I adopted my first stray kitten when I was 3 years old. Throughout my life, every pet but one was a stray. (And he even came back to me a 2nd time as a stray.)

I had heard of telepathic animal communication for awhile, but never knew how easily accessible to the average person like me it was until the late summer of 1999. Last August my dear, sweet cat Misty of 17 ½ years passed over to the Other Side. Naturally, I was devastated by this great loss. My grief became so overwhelming that I had great difficulty eating, sleeping & concentrating on my job.

A friend of mine suggested that I might want to try to call upon an animal communicator so that I could make contact with my Misty. I decided to look into this. After discovering this service is only a phone call away, I did just that in September of 1999.

My first experience with animal telepathic communication was in October of 1999 with Teresa Wagner. Teresa & I had a lovely, unhurried pre-session consultation. Through the session itself, I learned much about our physical life together from Misty’s point of view. Also, I found it so comforting to know Misty was okay & that she was near me much of the time in spirit. I sensed this, but it felt nice to have this confirmed. The session helped tremendously to help ease my broken heart. It filled me with hope & happiness because Misty said that she would return to me again during my lifetime! At the time, she couldn’t say when, but just knowing this was a thrill to hear.

This year in February 2000, I had another session with a different animal communicator. I had questions for my 2 other cats, Dusty & Mikey. Dusty was scheduled for a dental cleaning & I specifically wanted his feelings on this. I had questions for Mikey about some puzzling behaviors & what I might be able do to make him feel more contented. I had questions & concerns about how both Dusty & Mikey were doing with their grief over Misty. Also, I was interested in that feeling of special closeness with my Misty again. In general, I just wanted to have some fun & understand them better, too. I found the session very valuable & enjoyable once again!

This year in June 2000, I had arranged another session with Teresa Wagner. I had set up many questions for Dusty & Mikey. I was yearning for contact from Misty, too, so I had questions for her.

Nearly every question that I had planned however went by the wayside about 2 days before my scheduled session. Someone at work had found a tiny kitten abandoned along a busy highway one night. The next morning, when I arrived at work, my coworker said to me, "I have the perfect kitten for you!" I shivered, as I was feeling for about 3 weeks that Misty was ready for her comeback. Could this possibly be her already – not even 10 months since she passed over as Misty?

Knowing that my session was for the next evening, I told my friend that I needed until then to decide about taking this kitten. I was worried that Dusty & Mikey might not want a new kitten, especially if the kitten was not Misty (but, perhaps the kitten was "sent" for us to adopt). I was very concerned about fighting & was I emotionally ready for the stress that fighting can bring to a household of established cats?

During the pre-session consultation with Teresa, I discussed the information about this kitten, my concerns & "my gut sense" of who this kitten may be. Teresa explained to me that it was still possible to contact Misty’s spirit, even if she was indeed in this new kitten body. This is because, she explained, that it doesn’t really matter what "body" a soul is in (or not in if they are on the Other Side) when communicating telepathically with them. The connection on the soul level completely transcends distance, physical bodies, space & time. Sometimes, even after an animal is first born, the soul who will inhabit the body is not yet in it, or completely in it.

This session proved to be more than worth its weight in gold! The news was joyous! Misty had decided it was time for us to be together in the physical world again & her spirit was planned to be in this new little kitten. Misty said that a divine force of spirit held the matter of this kitten body together until her soul entered it. She told me that she did not completely enter this body until she was sure she would be found & cared for by my friend & then by me. She even said she wanted her name to be Angelina.

Misty revealed that she was now in a strong & vital body. She said that I would see reminders of who she was even before she was grown & if I ever had any doubts to just look deeply into her eyes. Misty told me she had planned her arrival around this session because she knew I would be full of worry & concern. She told me that her transition into the household would be easy. This was all such wonderful news because I was in love with Angelina well before I even saw her & I couldn’t wait to get her home with us!

Dusty & Mikey were happy to hear that Misty was coming back as Angelina! Both the boys said they wanted to groom & play with her. They have been wonderful to our new little kitten. It is simple to see that they love Angelina as they loved Misty!

My sweet, tiny Angelina is definitely her own personality. Her demeanor is different from Misty’s. (Misty said she wanted a more light-hearted outlook this time around & Angelina is quite the frolicking little missy.) I do see similarities however in preferred play activities & toys, preferred foods, sleeping & relaxing positions, "spots" to rest in the house & facial expressions. More than ever, as she had said, in her eyes. They say the eyes are the mirror to the soul & in this case, the same soul.

Animal communication has been such a wonderful source of comfort, joy & knowledge to aid in deepening the understanding & bond among us in our household. I would recommend it to anyone as a way to facilitate a new & deeper level closeness with the animals they love.

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