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  • "On this globe there is almost endless diversity. Nevertheless, the greater fact is that when it comes to the treasures of the soul, differences vanish. In the place of the heart, only one light shines. This light is the same in all beings."

    -Gurumayi Chidvilasananda

Animal Communication

Grace's Story - Part II


After a few months of getting settled in with Grace, and getting to know her, I became very curious about her past. The shelter did not have any information on her because she was left in one of the after hours cages with out a note. From day one she has just been the sweetest dog, loves to give kisses and get belly rubs and really tried hard to learn the rules of the house and to make me happy. In trying to get her to lay on a pillow on the floor I soon realized that she was trained to lay down instantly either by just saying down or a wave of the hand. A few weeks later we were playing in the kitchen and I said jokingly "I know you can lay down, can you roll over too" and I moved my hand in a circular motion, and without hesitation she rolled completely over. She also showed me that she was taught to scratch at the door once when she wanted to go out. Now I really started getting curious, how on earth could someone that took the time to teach her those things be so cruel and leave her in the shelter, surely she must have had more than one owner?

I had heard of people called animal psychics or communicators that said they could talk to animals and vice versa. I was very skeptical but had seen some interesting displays on television and thought it couldn’t hurt. I contacted a friend who knows many psychics and healers and she put me in touch with a woman who lives in California. She does this over the phone after you make an appointment and then call her at the agreed time. The only information she needs is the type of animal, their name, their age, a general description, what you call yourself around them and a general feeling for what you would like to know or tell them. She tells you what to expect and how it works and that when she is talking to or listening to the animal she will become very quiet so you just have to wait for her.

We started with Grace and the communicator said she was very talkative. I told her that I was interested in knowing about Grace’s past and why she was in the shelter. Grace told her that she had lived with an older couple in a small apartment or trailer that was not very clean. The lady was pretty good to her but the man did not like her at all, kept calling her "that damn dog". It’s obvious by looking at Grace that she has had several litters so I asked if she had had puppies. Grace said that yes she had many puppies and that she really liked having them. She felt so much love from them and the woman was always much nicer and treated her better when she had them. She said that the reason she was in the shelter was that the woman had died and the man didn’t want her anymore and he took her there. She remembered being in the shelter and didn’t really mind it too much, because what little attention she did get she at least felt it was genuine. I asked how Grace felt about coming here to live with me. She said that she really liked it here and that my coming to get her was totally unexpected. She really liked me and that she feels proud to be seen with me and likes other people to see us together. She had no idea that dogs could be treated so well. She said that she feels reborn, like she is getting a chance to have a second life. Grace then asked the communicator if she got to stay with me, she was hoping so, but really wasn’t sure. Well I was keeping it together pretty well until that point when I burst out crying "yes, of course, tell her she gets to stay with me". Well for the rest of the hour I became a blithering idiot. I asked Grace if she liked her new name and she said yes because it reminds her of God. I asked what her other name was and she said that it started with an "S" but that she didn’t want to remember it because it reminded her of the old place. I also asked her age but she said that she really didn’t understand what that meant so she didn’t know.

I had been having some trouble with her chasing the cats and wanted to know how she felt about them. She said that she liked the cats but had never really seen one up close and didn’t know what to make of them but that she knew she shouldn’t hurt them. I asked how she liked my other dog a 12 year old lab/dalmation mix named Puppy. She said she really likes Puppy and that she knew that Puppy really appreciated the fact the Grace did not come and try to take over. This is exactly the truth too, from day one Grace has been following Puppy around and does everything she does and has really respected her place. I hadn’t told the communicator anything about Grace’s skin problems, but I had her ask Grace how she felt. She said she felt pretty good but that her back legs had been tight and stiff but now they were feeling better.

Next came Puppy, who has been my only dog since she was a baby and wasn’t used to having another dog around. It felt to me like Puppy had been listening to my conversation with Grace and that is the first thing that the communicator said she had been doing. I asked Puppy how she felt about Grace, she said she thought Grace was O.K. and pretty nice and that she thought it was funny when Grace danced around to get attention. I was afraid she might have thought that she was getting replaced by Grace, and she said "Oh, no I know that I could never get replaced by Mom, her heart has just gotten bigger". Well that did it again, more bawling. I asked how she felt and she said that she feels pretty good but she knows that she has slowed down some. She said it was O.K. for Grace to be there and that she would get used to it.

Next we talked to the three cats who had only been around Puppy and got along really great with her and had all grown up with her. The first was 10 year old Bobcat. He had gotten along with Grace right away standing right up to her and not letting her chase him. We asked Bob how he felt and he said "It’s just a dog, she thinks she’s the boss but I know better". Then came 11 year old Peep who had taken some time adjusting but would now come in the same room with Grace. The communicator said it seems that Peep follows what Bob does (which is true) and said she was a little scared at first but Bob told her it would be O.K. so she is learning not to be afraid. While the communicator was talking to me she said wait Peep wants to say something else, she got quiet and came back and said "I love you". Well of course that set me off all over again. Peep has always been a very soft, quiet cat and always seems like she is saying I love you. Next we talked to Peep’s sister 11 year old Pudge. Pudge had not been handling Grace’s coming very well and had been avoiding her at all costs and kind of hiding under the living room coffee table. Pudge’s first response was "that f*****g dog, she moves too quick and I just don’t know what to make of her. She is not at all like the other dog who moves slowly and is always very nice". She said that she thinks she will eventually be able to not be afraid but it was going to take time and that I just had to be patient. It took almost four months but Pudge now comes in and sleeps with us every night and regularly comes around Grace now.

This was a very emotional hour for me. I don’t think I cried that much since seeing Steel Magnolias. The communicator not only says things that you think your animals would say but she says it in the personalities that the animals have. There wasn’t one thing she said that I thought wasn’t right and most of it I had already been thinking or had observed. It seems that all of those one-sided conversations we have with animals that we think we are making up are actually true and that we are all more intuitive than we think. The one strange thing that has come from all of this is that I feel closer to the animals than I ever have. I no longer feel like I am talking at them, but I am now talking to them and that they are truly listening.

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