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Pet Loss Grief Counseling Certification-Make 3 Payments

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By making payment for this certification program, I agree to the following terms of service:

Three payments of $1,899 each will be deducted from my card at these intervals: The day I click on Check Out on this shopping cart; one month from that date; two months from that date.

I have participated in an in-depth application and interview process; read all details of the program on the web site; received official notice of acceptance into the program; understand the requirements of certification and am prepared to meet those requirements; understand that if I do not meet the time requirements of the program my status in the program may change to inactive or default inactive which may limit my eligibility for certain program activities; I understand that for my program fee I will receive materials for 15 classes and written class reviews, 18 private mentoring sessions, 8 case reviews, 4 recorded practice sessions and will be eligible for all ongoing support activities for students and graduates. I have read and agree to the terms of the Active/Inactive Status Policy, the Refund Policy and the Limitations of This Certification Program.

This page is for payment only.

For a full description of the Pet Loss Grief Counsleing Certification Program, please visit:

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