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Humpback Whale Pendant in Bronze

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Humpback Whale Pendant in BronzeREDUCED FROM $42.50 until inventory is depleted.

This humpback whale necklace is an exquisite work of art, cast in bronze with a verdigris patina. Each piece is handmade and unique with meticulous attention to detail.  I adore whale jewelry and am always on the lookout for artistic representations of these magnificent beings of the sea. When I found this jewelry line of cetaceans in bronze castings I was smitten.

The accurate detail of this piece is a delight for any humpback whale lover: the ventral pleats, the eye, the barnacles on the pectoral fins and chin, the mouth line, the tubercles on the head, the dorsal fin and the accurate proportion of each body part to one another. It is a stunning and beautiful depiction of humpback whales.

From the artist: "Each carving has been carefully molded to obtain the wax models for casting. I use the same silicon bronze that foundries use for large sculpture. The earth tone of the metal is enhanced with a wide range of patinas that hue it, creating colors usually only associated with the larger bronzes. There are variations with each pice in patina coloring as every casting is individually finished."

The black fabric cord, which is included and is adjustable from 18 - 36 inches, provides a look suitable for both men or women.

2 inches wide, 7/8 inches high.