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  • My family is not confined to mother, mate, and child; but it includes all creatures be they tame or wild; my family upon this earth includes all living things, on land, or in the ocean deep, or borne aloft on wings.~ Alicia S. Carpenter

Blessing the Bridge: Dealing with the loss of a pet

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Pet Loss Book-Blessing the Bridge BookThis is without a doubt one of the very best books I have ever found to support us during the poignant and emotionally challenging times of dealing with the loss of a pet, as well as the times of illness and end of life decsions that precede it. This book provides remarkable help and inspiration for the times when we are  supporting our animals and ourselves as our beloved animals are nearing the end of life, as well as during their actual transition and after death.

Reynolds does not speak from a lofty, intellectual or moralistic perspective, but rather straight from her huge and open heart. Her book is based on several years of being lovingly present with many animals at her sanctuary during their illness and death. She speaks with spiritual wisdom, deep love and gentle kindness.

Sample chapter titles: Each Creature Brings a Gift; Euthanasia, the Merciful Release; The Art of Letting Go; Communicating without Words; The Power of Prayer; A Hand to Hold, a Soul to Ease; Tools for Caregivers.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough for anyone dealing with the loss of a pet. I strongly suggest not waiting to read this book until our animals are ill—when we are often in desperate need of support—but when they are healthy and strong. This allows us to take in the wealth of information when we are calm, storing it for the times it will be needed. Blessing the Bridge is a blessing to all of us who love and live with animals. It is both immensely practical and a tender, gentle balm to the soul. It can also serve as a loving gift of support to anyone whose animal is very ill or has died.

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Softcover Book, 160 pages