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    Getting just a glimpse of that can change our lives. ~ Gurumayi Chidvilasananda

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Mentoring in Grief Counseling and Animal Communication

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When I began my grief support practice in 1988, and my animal communication practice in 1991, it helped me tremendously to seek help from mentors to review cases and to receive private and confidential coaching and support as I built my practice and experience. In the more than two decades since then, I have learned a great deal from the joys, rewards, challenges and stresses of working full time in these professions, from the wisdom of other teachers and the wisdom of my animal and human clients. It is very meaningful and fulfilling for me to mentor others to pass on what I have learned and received from others.

What is the Purpose and Value of Private Coaching and Mentoring?

  • Workshops and classes are sometimes not enough. Workshops can be extremely valuable and even essential in learning basics, developing more advanced skill and receiving coaching from teachers and confirmation from class exercises. As valuable as these experiences are, sometimes after we return home from a "workshop high," the skills that perhaps flowed easily during the workshop may now seem harder to access, perhaps more questions and concerns emerged for us that were not covered in the class, or the information that seemed so logical in a teleclass is a lot harder to apply in the real world than in theory. These are ideal times for private coaching and mentoring to continue your learning and skill development with help that is tailored specifically to your needs.
  • Animal communication and grief support is fairly solitary work. As exhilarating and rewarding as it can be, it is typically done apart from humans beyond our clients. Sometimes having compassionate, expert support and guidance to review one's progress, growth and cases in this work can be very helpful so that continued learning is not done in a vacuum without further feedback and support. One of my favorite teachers in the grief support field, Louis Gamino, Ph.D., a fellow with the Association of Death Education and Counseling and an associate professor at Texas A&M University, talks about the importance of acknowledging that we are all subject to having blind spots. He describes that in the novice stage of our work this may be from inexperience, which can be supported by seeking guidance and counsel for case reviews from teachers or mentors. At the mid-level practitioner and expert stage, this can be from an illusion of infallibility (have seen it all, handled it all, have all the answers) which can be supported by having a trusted senior peer or professional buddy to whom we can turn, even informally, with difficult cases or situations.
  • Help and support for difficult or challenging cases. We all—beginners and established professionals alike—can find ourselves in what seems like a questionable or challenging ethical situation that would benefit from discussion with a trusted person with experience in the field to gain some clarity and guidance. In both grief counseling and animal communication, we all occasionally experience a particularly complex client or situation that leaves us feeling overwhelmed. Working with a mentor in such situations can help us find solutions, place the difficult situation in a helpful paradigm that perhaps we did not previously consider, receive support for our work, our role and who we are, and perhaps personally come back to center regarding the challenge.
  • Career counseling and support. This can be a valuable part of mentoring when you may be unsure of how you want and are meant to fit animal communication or grief support work into your life and desire help becoming more clear. For instance, do I want to combine animal communication or grief support with other healing arts work or practice? If so, what are the issues of having a dual practice—ethically, logistically? Am I at a point of wanting to change direction in some way, but I am not sure how, or how to get there?
  • Guidance and support for the logistics and emotions of creating and managing a private practice. How can I best serve both others' needs with my work and also meet my own needs (time, money, fulfillment of doing what I love, career satisfaction, etc.)? How do I make the transition from informal animal communication sessions or grief support with friends, or as a volunteer to a professional fee based practice with clients? A lot of issues arise during these transitions, such as developing policies for fees, scheduling, and hours that feel right and work for you; dealing with the emotional and boundary issues that may come up for you when people still expect free help (sometimes 24/7) after you open a practice; building confidence when suddenly you are accepting fees for this work. The expectations you may have of yourself and the expectations clients have of you may feel very different from when your work was something you provided as a favor for free or as a volunteer; and managing the process of continuing "other" work to pay the bills while building your practice.

One Mentoring Session:
30 minutes $98 
60 minutes$195
90-minutes $265

Discounts for multiple one hour sessions, paid in advance:
3 sessions $495 ($90 savings--would be $585 full price; must be used within 12 months)

6 sessions $995 ($175 savings--would be $1,170 full price; must be used within 18 months)

10 sessions $1,700 ($250 savings--would be $1,950 full price; must be used within 2 years)

Cancellation Policy: Your scheduled appointment time is reserved exclusively for you. As a courtesy to Teresa's full schedule of other work commitments and to other clients waiting for appointments, please give us at least 24 hour notice if you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment. Missed appointments with no notice and appointments canceled within 24 hours will be charged the full amount of the consultation fee. Because our office is closed on weekends, cancellations for Monday sessions must be cancelled by end of business day on Friday.

Please note: For the multiple session packages, scheduled consultations may be rescheduled, but refunds are not issued if a client decides not to use each session in the package.