Fees, Session Lengths, Discounts & Availability

Fees & Session Lengths:
$105  for 30-minute consultations (held on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays  at 5 pm)
$210 for 60-minute consultations (held Monday – Friday at 6pm & 7:30 pm and Wednesdays at 4 pm)
$274 for 90-minute consultations (held Monday – Friday at 7:30 pm)


Discounts for one hour sessions which are $198 at full price: 
3 sessions $534:       $178 per session–a discount of $32 per session with a total savings of $96.  Full price would be $630.
10 sessions $1,680:  $168 per session–a discount of $42 per session with a total savings of $300.   Full price would be $2,100.

To purchase one of the  3 or 10-session packages above, just click on your choice. You will be taken to the Animals in Our Hearts store to make payment. To schedule your first and subsequent sessions in a package, please email us at assistance@animalsinourhearts.com  and we will schedule you at the 
earliest possible date for your convenience.


Discounts for one hour or 90-minute sessions which are $210 or $274 respectively at full price:
34 one-hour sessions or 25  90-minute sessions (or a combination of 1-hour and 90-minute sessions) for $5,100:
$150 per one hour session—a discount of $60 per session with a total of $2,040 savings.  Full price would be $7,140.
$200 per ninety-minute session—a discount of $65 per session, with a total of  $1,750 savings.    Full price would be $6,850.
   (If a client chooses to schedule only 90-minute sessions, there will be an additional 30-minutes added to this package)
Those of purchase the 34 session package are eligible to schedule sessions outside of the regularly scheduled sessions published on the web site, including weekends.

This package represents the greatest savings per session. The package can be purchased by one person or a group of friends or family members to receive the benefit of the steepest discount for sessions available, while sharing the pre-payment cost with others. Sessions in the package can also be given as gifts to others, and, there is no time limit on when the sessions must be used. To purchase and schedule your first session, please email us at assistance@animalsinourhearts.com.


Please note that the consultation discount packages above are for scheduled, hour-long or 90-minute sessions only. They do not include concierge service for 24/7 access for phone or email questions, or for multiple brief or unscheduled sessions.


Pet Loss Grief Support Discount Package $195   Full value $472, savings of $277
Review details and purchase here

The purpose of this package is to provide you with loving, in-depth, practical and affordable help for healing your heart.
The package includes:  4 Teleclasses  1 Audio Book,  1 CD MP3, providing both immediate and lifelong resources of comfort and healing support.

28 hours of audio guidance and support from Teresa and 266 pages of handouts
• Legacies of Love— A Gentle Guide to Healing from the Loss of Your Animal Loved One   
 teleclass and audio book 

• Healing Guilt: Finding Peace and Self Forgiveness  teleclass
• How Animal Communication Can Help in times of Illness, Hospice, Grief & After Death  teleclass
• Flower Essences for Illness, End-of-Life, Caregiver Stress and Healing Grief  teleclass
• Connecting with the Soul of Your Animal After Death  MP3


Availability for Consultations Outside of Published Schedule:
At this time, I am unavailable for sessions outside of my published schedule (see Schedule a Consultation for my current schedule). This includes both full length sessions and requests or expectations for unscheduled, informal brief sessions—by phone, email or in social media. I realize it can be disappointing to not be able to have an appointment as quickly as you may want or need one. If you are dealing with an urgent or crisis situation and would like a referral to someone who may be available more quickly, please email us at assistance@animalsinourhearts.com. Thank you for your understanding.

If you are outside of North American and or your time zone makes it impossible to have an appointment at the times listed as available, please email us with your time zone and we’ll work with you to try to find an appointment time that works for you. Teresa’s time zone is Pacific Time zone or UTC-8. You can check the comparisons here: