Cancellation and Refund Policies

Cancellation and Refund Policy:  Your scheduled consultation time has been reserved exclusively for you. If you need to reschedule or cancel your session, please give us 36 or more hours notice so we are able to fill your time with another client (if your appointment is on a Monday, cancellation must be made by the preceding Thursday evening).

Appointments cancelled or rescheduled before 36 hours of the scheduled session will be refunded minus the .305% credit card transaction fee we are charged.

Appointments cancelled within 36 hours of the scheduled session and missed appointments with no notice will not be refunded.


Rescheduling Your Appointment: We understand that sometimes things come up that will require a client to need to reschedule an appointment.  Because of this, two reschedules for the same appointment will be administered without any fee, as long as you provide us with at least 36 hours notice. However, because it does require extra time on our end to reschedule and reconfigure our appointment calendar on your behalf, and contact our wait list to fill the opening from your original appointment time, a $45 fee will be charged with the third request to reschedule an appointment. Please note: For the multiple session packages, scheduled consultations may be rescheduled, but refunds are not issued if a client decides not to use each session in the package.


Satisfaction and Refund Policy:
 My commitment is to bring my highest level of skill, empathy and compassion to every consultation, to listen carefully to your concerns, and to your animals for all the facts, feelings, stories and energy they convey to me, and to describe these to you in a clear, understandable, supportive and loving manner. I intentionally provide ample time during sessions—at several junctions—for you to discuss and respond to what your animal has expressed and to clarify any confusion or concern about the messages.

I wholeheartedly want my clients and their animals to be genuinely helped by and pleased with our work together. It is important to note, however, that no animal communicator can guarantee that a client will be pleased with what their animal has to say or even how they say it. Animal communicators can tell you what your animal is saying and feeling, but we cannot guarantee that you will agree with it, like it, or even believe it. Even as we work diligently and ethically to communicate with animals and to translate their messages to our clients, we cannot assume responsibility for another person’s reactions to their animal’s message.

If during a session you are unhappy with the messages from your animals and/or are unhappy with the consultation in general, and make that clear to me during a session, I am happy to end the consultation and will refund the unused time on a pro-rated basis.

If you are unhappy with the messages from your animals and/or are unhappy with a mentoring or grief counseling consultation in general, but do not communicate this to me until after a consultation, a refund will not be provided.  If you purchased a discounted package of sessions but do not use all of the sessions, no refund is provided.


Expectations of guaranteed outcomes or proof:

Regarding guarantees: I wish with all of my heart that a session with a professional animal communication consultant or a grief counselor could guarantee that problems would be resolved, behavior changed and grief completely healed as a result of a consultation. However, this can no more be guaranteed than a veterinarian can guarantee restored health or cured disease after a medical intervention, or a therapist can guarantee a cure of depression after a therapy session.

What I can guarantee is providing a respectful, loving, thorough and skillful animal communication or grief counseling process in which every effort is made to facilitate change, resolve problems or alleviate emotional distress for which the client in concerned. Facilitators of problem solving and healing in any context, including animal communication, grief counseling, cannot guarantee outcomes. Healing and problem solving are often processes that continue over time, not stand alone events. These processes often have multiple layers of issues to sort through, understand and release which often require continued attention beyond one discussion or session. Sometimes, of course, when the root cause of a problem is simply a misunderstanding, results can occur very quickly. But issues of trauma, longstanding, deep seated issues or significant grief cannot be expected to be resolved or healed in one hour.

Effective animal communication and grief counseling is an active collaboration among the human client, the consultant and the animal for animal communication sessions. A commitment to follow-up actions on the client’s part to increase the probabilities of initial and sustained change is almost always necessary. Please be patient and mindful of these issues when working with a grief counselor, an animal communication consultant and your animal.

For more clarity about the use of animal communication for behavior issues, please read:
Personal Planning Guide to Help You The the Very Most from Your Animal Communication Consultation for a Behavior Issue

Refunds are not provided to clients who are not satisfied with the degree of change that occurred after a consultation.


Regarding proof in animal communication:  Not everyone in the world believes in telepathic animal communication, just as not everyone in the world believes in a particular religion. There are people who want to believe in animal communication but aren’t quite convinced that is is real. This is completely understandable. However, the least effective way to decide if one believes in animal communication or not is to expect or require that another person “prove it to them.” Effective ways to come to your own conclusion about whether you believe it is real include reading books with true accounts and taking workshops on the subject during which you have an opportunity to practice and learn first hand what it entails and how it works with your own animals and other’s animals.

To understand more about this issue, and how validation occurs organically, not on demand, please read the article, The Issue of Guaranteed Outcomes and Proof in Animal Communication. If you are looking for someone to provide proof to you that animal communication is real, or if you need to ask test questions in order to believe what an animal communicator relays to you from your animal, please do not schedule a consultation with me. This will prevent frustration and disappointment. I am not an entertainment psychic and do not provide the service of responding to test or proof questions.

If test or proof questions are presented in a consultation, they will not be responded to, and a refund for the consultation will not be issued to anyone who is dissatisfied that they did not receive “proof.”