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  • If you were to see your true self, your own brilliant soul, you would find that you are worthy of great love. The highest truth of this exists within the heart of each one of us.
    Getting just a glimpse of that can change our lives. ~ Gurumayi Chidvilasananda

Private Consultations

Spirit Guide Readings
and Conversations with Loved Ones on the Other Side

These consultations to help humans receive information, guidance and encouragement from their Spirit Guides to shed light on their path, at times when they may feel confused, perhaps not sure which way to turn or to go, or when they may want confirmation on important decisions or life changes being faced. These sessions can also be used to speak with loved ones who have crossed over, perhaps to resolve any questions unanswered at the time of death, to have a discussion or to simply make loving contact.

Spirit Sky

When I began my animal communication practice many years ago, I noticed that occasionally I would hear comments and guidance throughout a session from the animal’s and human’s spirit guides who I always call upon at the beginning of a consultation. I found that they often volunteered information to help resolve problems, suggest solutions, and to generally bring loving encouragement and support. During the first year of my practice, I shared this unexpected phenomenon with clients and asked if they wanted to hear what the Spirit Guides were saying. They all did, and lengthy discussions began involving not only the animal’s issues, but other issues relating to the human client. Clients now schedule sessions specifically to talk with their spirit guides to receive information, guidance, encouragement and love on a wide variety of life issues.

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A CD (pr MP3) to help you connect with your animal loved one after death:

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One of my favorite CDs to help me open and connect to my own guidance is
Coming Home to Yourself: by Jeanine Sande