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  • The gift of flowers does not end with beauty and fragrance,
    but continues with their profound ability
    to facilitate healing of the heart and soul ~

Animal Relief Formula: How We Can Help Animals in Trauma

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arf-spray-sm copyFlower Essences for rescued, stressed or traumatized animals:


Those of us who love animals deeply often ask ourselves how can we help animals when so many have been abused and abandoned. This inexpensive flower essence formula is a powerful tool to gently facilitate emotional healing of rescued and traumatized animals. It also helps prevent stress and trauma during overwhelming times such as initial introduction to new home and family, travel, new family members being adopted, moves to new homes, vet visits, etc.

Formula developed by Teresa Wagner for  FES.

 (1 ounce spray bottle)

A perfect replacement for rescue remedy: it contains the same flowers plus 11 more essences.


The formula helps with the healing of both current or post traumatic stress of animals: those currently living in rescue and shelter facilities, in foster homes, and those who have been adopted into loving, permanent homes but are either exhibiting signs of stress or trauma from their past or have experienced a traumatic situation since adoption or at any time in their lives. This formula is a healer of any kind of stress or trauma.

As a flower essence practitioner and animal communicator, I've had the opportunity to talk with thousands of animals. In communicating with them it has been my experience that the emotional lives of animals—including the depth, range and intensity of their emotions--are just like ours as humans, including both the observable symptoms and inner struggles of post traumatic stress. They experience the same grief, confusion, heartache and trauma that we do when abandoned, abused, lose loved ones, or are traded in for a new model (a way of life for many intentionally bred animals like show horses and show dogs who are sold off like used cars when they no longer earn the right prizes or produce enough offspring for the humans who own them).

Hearing the pain from animals in their stories for many years is what motivated me to develop The Animal Relief Formula--to assist in healing the traumas unique to animals in our culture which, tragically, are common occurrences for millions of animals every day. When you ask how can we help animals--consider using this inexpensive, natural, powerful flower essence formula to aid in their healing.

For much more detailed information, including descriptions of all the essences in this formula and photos, how to give flower essences to animals, and how to be involved in the research of this formula, read more.

Read the story about how Teresa created this formula to help traumatized animals.


A couple of months ago, we adopted Lion and Ling, two male Siamese about 5 or 6 years old. They adore and depend on each other, but they were very hesitant about committing to a human relationship. We are their third home, through no fault of theirs. They are understandably reluctant to trust once again that they are loved and permanent members of a family. When they first arrived, they hid in the basement for days. Even after they ventured out, Lion would run at the very suspicion that someone was approaching him to touch him. He finally allowed himself to be petted under very non-threatening conditions, but he did not improve beyond that point. Ling was gradually trusting us more, but he too was very skittish. A friend suggested FES Animal Relief Formula, and the change has been amazing. It began within two or three days of starting the essence. Lion allowed us to approach him and pet him. Ling started to demand attention now and then. Both warmed up rapidly. The most amazing shift was that we were able to trim the claws on all four of Lion's feet in one sitting without his becoming hysterical about being held *and* without his running from us for days afterwards. Overall, I would say the Animal Relief Formula helped them heal enough to see us for who we really are and give us a chance to prove we are people they can trust and enjoy. ~Judith, Pennsylvania

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