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You should try to hear the name the Holy Ones have for things.
People name everything according to the number of legs they have.
The Holy Ones name them according to what they have inside. ~ Rumi


Pet Loss Grief Support & Animal Communication
Loving Resources for Healing Animals and People


Those of us fortunate enough to love and be loved by an animal know the exquisite joy and quiet fulfillment that comes from animals living in our hearts. We know there is no turning back from loving animals intensely once we experience this bond.

Animals and their love stay in our souls, once we've let them in. And we are better for it, more complete, more whole, more compassionate, and often transformed.

In loving so much, we open ourselves to profound intimacy, and also to more pain, and the growth that comes from both.

Loving this much, we also know the searing pain of losing an animal. And we know the frustration, overwhelm and compassion fatigue inherent in animal rescue and sheltering work seeing the abandonment and mistreatment of pets, and from the awareness of the devastation of wildlife by human ignorance and cruelty.

The content on this site along with private consultations, books and CD's on animal communication, grief and loss, workshops and teleclasses, and my whale swim pilgrimages are designed to help us deepen our spiritual intimacy with animals, resolve problems with and honor animals, heal from the pain of losing animal companions and from being witness to the suffering and loss of animals in the environment, and to celebrate with like minded people the joy of our miraculous, spiritual connection with all animals.

I wish each of you and your animal loved ones many blessings, much love and grace in your journeys of living, loving and communication together.

May this web site serve you in this journey.

Teresa Wagner

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Animal Loss and Grief Support Professional Program of Study
Finding the Grace in Grief - Free Teleclass

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